Andis ProFoil® Lithium Titanium Foil Assembly and Inner Cutters

$28 $32

Looking for a replacement foil and cutter bar that will help you get a bump-free, irritation-free shave? Look no further than the Andis ProFoil Lithium Titanium Foil Assembly and Inner Cutter! Made with gold titanium hypoallergenic foil, this replacement foil is perfect for anyone with sensitive skin. Plus, it's easy to replace – so you can get back to shaving in no time!

Product Specs 

  • ModelShaver Accessories 
  • Item Number17155 
  • UPC code040102171550 
  • Made In China 
  • Length1.38 in 
  • Width2.38 in 
  • Depth1.13 in 
  • Weight0.2 lbs 

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