from the peach state ♥

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born, raised, and made with love in Atlanta

how do we curate our products?

We’ve been interacting with customers like you for years.

We can’t wait to share the knowledge we’ve gained throughout the years and show you all of our favorite brands and classic staples.

Our curation will help you to get the most out of your natural beauty. Sometimes it will elevate it to another level…

Or will you dare to do something different?

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our very first store

seven mart

Built in a city just outside of Atlanta. This is where our relationship with our customers began.

We offered basic beauty needs, including hair products and weaving extensions.

time to expand our horizon

more space & products

Expanding the business meant more than expanding our space.

Listening to the suggestions of our loyal customers, we began offering wigs in addition to the same beauty products we knew our customers loved.

To fit this need, we opened another store location and ventured into selling different types of wigs. Providing this additional product also meant we had to get training on how to care for and style wigs - training that we ensured every one of our employees had.

our new identity

essence beauty

As our company grew, we knew the original name, Seven Mart, was no longer accurately reflected what we do. Seven Mart’s original intent was to provide a one stop shop for all beauty needs. Yet, with the addition of wigs and hair pieces, we quickly learned that these products provided more than just hair to our customers.

Our store was no longer that one stop shop, but a space to share knowledge on products, styles, and tips. 

The relationships we created with our customers truly represented what we love to do. With this in mind, we knew it was time to rebrand our company to encompass this incredible journey.

28 years & still counting

expert still in training

We strive to learn more about the products we offer and receive feedback from our customers.

our commitment to giving back

love for the community

We continue to host events each year and provide:

♡ Free haircut, free food, giveaways
♡ Entertainment to highlight and support local musicians and artists

We hope to expand these events so that more people can come and have a day of fun with us.

... and today

off to new journey

The e-commerce has been on our mind for awhile. We are finally pulling the trigger for this new journey. 

As always, we will aim to provide products, tools, and shared information with anyone who believes in the essence of everyone’s natural and unique beauty. 

We are thrilled to venture into this new journey with you.